Johannes Jansson

composes with a strong sensibility


Voice and Orchestra

September (2020-21)
for alto and orchestra
2333.423.Perc(2).Timp. Harp, Celesta, Mandolin, Str.
duration ca 24 min.
Com. Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

The Mutation of Death (1984-85)
vocalising soprano and orchestra
duration ca 27 min.
Com. Malmö Symphony Orchestra

Nimbus (1986)
baritone and orchestra
text: Georg Backman
duration ca 20 min.
Com. Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Hard as stone (2006)
soprano and orchestra
text: Rosaria Trenta
duration ca 9 min.

Samtal med natten (2006)
(Convesation with the night)
soprano and orchestra
text: Georg Backman
duration ca 12 min.

Omnipresence (1972)
mezzo soprano and 12 instruments
text: Sri Aurobindo (Last Poems)
duration ca 15 min.